T-Shirt Design | Rachel Barrentine Music

I wanted to share some artwork I designed for my friend, Rachel Barrentine, while working on her brand new record, Detour. Rachel has been in my life for a long time—almost 10 years. She was my music mentor for a long time and life coach! :) Much of my heart and faith has been shaped by her wisdom, friendship and struggles in life and I'm grateful that she has invested in me in more ways than one.

These t-shirt designs are two of my favorites that I've ever done, especially "Burn the Ships." I spent several hours hand-drawing the ship... which, if you know me, is not my strong suit in design. If I had to take drawing in college, I would have failed. But this design turned out so epic! And the mixture of fonts almost implies a certain chaos that reflects the message of the song. Even when we're afraid and the road ahead seems blurry, the Lord has us on the right path if we trust in Him. I love that. And I love this shirt.

"Detour," the title track of the album, is another REALLY good song. I absolutely love this design because it's a combination of road/construction/work signs that are the metaphors for the message. It reminds me of those graphics that have an inspirational message in a million different fonts. I was trying to go for that... not sure if I pulled it off! :) 

In any case, I highly recommend Rachel's music. Her story is absolutely incredible. I encourage you to engage with the glorious unfolding of her life and all that God is doing with her. You can also see some more of my photography and design scattered around her website. 

Rachel Barrentine Music