Modesto, CA | Bridal Shower—Photography, Events

I have the amazing honor of being a bridesmaid for one of my best friends, Jessica, in her wedding in October. About a month ago, we celebrated her engagement at a bridal shower in her hometown in Modesto, CA. I was given the task of taking pictures (obvi!) and I think I got some great shots!

In addition to taking some great shots of the event, I also got to see what the bride's sister, Emily, is capable of with her business. Tantalizing Templates produces affordable, fully customizable and readily available templates for event games, invitations and more. Emily makes these templates herself, and they are easy to use. The bridal shower was Breakfast At Tiffany's themed, so all of the invitations, games, decorations and more were made using Emily's Tiffany's templates. Visit her Etsy shop to see more of what she has made and contact her for your own event!

I am so excited for Jessica and her wonderful fiancé, Joe, to get married in LESS THAN A MONTH! It is an honor to be a part of their day and a part of their life. It means a lot to me to be involved because I just love them so much. It was so much fun getting to visit with their family and friends, making my own new friends and celebrating all that they have accomplished and all they are going to do. It is an exciting time!

Enjoy some of my favorite shots from the day! And don't forget to check out Tantalizing Templates! Like the Tantalizing Templates Facebook Page, too!


These GORGEOUS, DELICIOUS cupcakes were made by Jessica's aunt, Jaimie Lenci.

See the handsome groom giving his Nana a big hug. This Nana is unlike any other... she's sassy.

See the beautiful bride-to-be with her gorgeous sister (left) and wonderful mother (right).


Below you can see the beautiful Tiffany's themed Bingo sheet we used to play bridal bingo! Thanks to Tantalizing Templates!


Congratulations, Jessica! I can't wait to celebrate you on your wedding day!